"For this book commissioned by the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2019, we have invited 20 regular readers (many of whom are also contributors) of The Funambulist to pick, among the many texts we published in our 22 first issues, the one that appeared to them as the most politically useful. We are republishing these texts here, as well as their introductions, written by these 20 guests.

In addition to this, we asked five Chicago-based activists to write about the spatial politics of their city in relation to settler colonialism, the municipality, the police, the real estate pressure, as well as the school system. At a crucial moment following the change of administration, this appeared to us as the most politically useful thing we could do to propagate the voices of those active on the ground."

-The Funambulist

The Funambulist is one of the only print subscriptions I have. I enjoy reading it because the stories not only engage the political implications of architecture and architectural imagination, but because they do so on a global scale. While writing my contribution to this text I was working at a concrete company, so sand (a main ingredient in concrete) was on my mind.


The entire (e)-book can be accessed here.

Graphic Design by Jehane Yazami

The Funambulist

September 2019

Commissioned by the Chicago Architecture Biennial

Editor-in-Chief: Léopold Lambert
Managing editor: Suzanne Labourie

Chicago, IL

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