What are the possible, imaginable and

preferable futures of rurality?

How will rural environments change in the near future through the impacts of the global phenomena that are taking place in our planet, like climate change, migrations, new technologies, energy issues, the mutation of cities and of work and the transformation of economy?

These were some of the questions posed at the week-long summer school by Speculative Edu hosted at RUFA.


Using tools of speculative design, we were tasked with researching the town of Arjeplog in northern Sweden to imagine what the future could be like. Taking into consideration cultural traditions, spatial attributes, and climate projections, we crafted a future based on six societal values:

Maintain Age Equality

Welcome Newcomers

Care for Community

Respect the Wild



This project was featured in the 26th Biennial of

Design (BIO 26) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


NeoRural Futures

September 2019

Organized by Speculative Edu


(Mentor) Frederico Biggio

Giulia Mangoni

Marija Polovic

Alejandra Robles

Rita Trombin

Ladipo Famodu

Jennifer Gasser

Leonardo  Gerritse

Su Wu

Rome, Italy


Photo by SpeculativeEdu

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