"The aim of this workshop is to examine how artists and designers can utilise new mass media formats, alternative narratives, “fictioning” and performance to activate alterity and challenge dominant social norms. The workshop utilises the skills and experiences of the organisers (in critical design, narrative construction, workshop mediation and media manipulation) to challenge participants to discuss, debate and become script writers for the new “norms” of our collective future."


The process included worldbuilding exercises, collaborative writing, rehearsal, and revision.

The collaborative writing process made me realize the importance of first establishing the norms and values of the world we were creating. In order for us to agree or effectively debate how to tell our story, we needed to all have the same general understanding of what is (im)possible in this new world.

This project is was featured in the 26th Biennial of Design (BIO 26) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Future Friends

April 2019


Workshop Leaders:

Matt Ward, James Auger, Jimmy Loizeau, Dash MacDonald

Team Members:

Lesley-Ann Daly

Sjef van Gaalen

James Delaney

Ladipo Famodu

Maribor, Slovenia

Photo by Nik Belec

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