Ladipo Famodu is a Researcher, Artist, and Futurist.

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As a researcher he studies the future of concrete as a building material. Within the Research and Development laboratory at Ozinga, his role is to analyze industrial byproducts for fitness
as an alternative to cement which is the binder in concrete.
His background in chemistry has equipped him to quickly learn new testing procedures and reference existing literature regarding sustainable material research.


As an artist his work is a commentary on a neighborhood in flux. He currently resides in Bronzeville, once known as the Black Metropolis. After a period of disinvestment, a wave of new construction is underway with massive single-family houses seeming to pop up overnight. Using collage, he constructs architectural imagery that references the rich history and speculative future of the Black Metropolis.

As a futurist, his mantra is to Never Stop Learning. Outside of work, you may find him at book signings, artists talks, and public lectures covering topics from sustainable construction to algorithmic bias. He is inspired by those who bring together ideas from different fields of study to reframe big problems in today’s society. A handful of those individuals include
Theaster Gates, Anab Jain, Kevin Slavin and Barbara Oakley.

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DIY Futures

DIY Futures is my ongoing curated alternative to a formal graduate education. Embracing a pedagogy of observation, exploration, and collaboration, I document my reflections on Instagram and soon this website as well.

Recently attended hands-on experiences include the following:

Venice Architecture Biennale

Data for Black Lives II Conference

LaFarge Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction

Future Friends Workshop and Conference

Astro Afro Studio is a design practice that addresses the present and future threats to social equality and environmental sustainability by weaponizing art, design, and technology in a creative, subversive manner. Based in Chicago, the city is used as a classroom and laboratory, providing an opportunity to observe, explore, and collaborate. Created by Ladipo Famodu.

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