The Center for Technological Pain is a tongue-in-cheek diagnosis laboratory for contemporary problems that arise from interfacing with technology. Conceived by designer Dasha Ilina, the Tech Pain Solutions workshop was part of the Hackers & Designers 2019 summer academy.


The goal of the workshop was to create objects that alleviate health problems that arise from technology. We were given access to the University of Amsterdam makerlab.


I have read many articles about the phenomena of children struggling to hold pencils because of their exposure to touchscreen technology. I thought - how could I incentivize a pencil-gripping action while interacting with the tablet?


My invention was a dual-function locking mechanism. To unlock the device, the user needs to complete nine customizable writing exercises. These are done on a secondary tablet using the nine color-coded styli. Each successful attempt will light up the lights on both tablets. Once complete, the device will turn on. The secondary benefit is that the clear frame keeps the user at a safe viewing distance. In the video to the right, I demonstrate this entire operation.




July 2019

Hackers & Designers

Workshop Leaders: Dasha Ilina and Loes Bogers

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Photo by Hackers & Designers

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