Bronzeville is a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago roughly bound by 26th street to 51st street and the Dan Ryan to Lake Shore Drive.

This region originally referred to as the Black Belt, was a destination during the Great Migration for Black folks fleeing violence in the South.

Restrictive housing covenants made this area one of the only regions in Chicago to legally provide housing for Black people.

The Black population swelled to 300,000 by year 1934 which led to artistic innovation as well as unsavory effects of densified poverty. Bronzeville experienced decades of disinvestment, followed now by a boom in real estate development over the past few years.

During this walking tour, Vitaly connected present conditions to the legacy of unjust urban planning policies. I provided commentary on recent development and the changes I have observed over the past three years.

For more information about Bronzeville I suggest the following readings:

Black Metropolis by St. Clair Drake & Horace R. Cayton

Sacred Ground by Timuel Black

Ghosts in the Schoolyard by Eve L Ewing

The South Side by Natalie Y. Moore

Bronzeville Walking Tours

Summer 2019

w/ BlackSpace Chicago and Vitaliy Vladimirov of Jane's Walk Chicago, IL (Bronzeville)

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