Former Anthony Overton Elementary school in Bronzeville was one of the 50 school closed during the Rahm administration in Chicago. These closings were mostly on the South and West sides of the city in neighborhoods that are predominantly black and brown.

Creative Grounds is an initiative led by Borderless Studio that asks "How might art, design, and architecture create a more inclusive process for repurposing closed public schools?"

During the summer of 2018 I participated as an artist, bringing some of my collage works to the former art classroom. I invited attendees to create works that answered the question "How does your neighborhood inspire you?"

Black Metropolis Collage Workshop


The rich history of Bronzeville, the “Black Metropolis” - combined with the speculative futures of the surrounding megadevelopments (Obama Presidential Center and Michael Reese Site) have inspired the creation of each piece in this room. Many of the works are made on found wooden objects that I discovered in empty lots in the neighborhood. In this former art classroom, you are invited to make your own collage. How does your neighborhood inspire you?

Black Metropolis Collage Workshop

Summer 2018

Creative Grounds

Chicago, IL (Bronzeville)

Produced by On The Real Film

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