Collage has become my favorite artistic medium. I create new structures and scenarios
from landscapes, characters, and textures found in magazines, sometimes using found objects
as a backing.

HOPE, collage on paper, 11 x 16 inches, 2018

The rich history of Bronzeville, the “Black Metropolis” – combined with the speculative futures of the surrounding megadevelopments (Obama Presidential Center, Michale Reese Site, The 78) have inspired the creation of each in this series. All but one of the pieces are made on found wooden objects that I discovered in empty lots in the neighborhood. I displayed this work at the former Anthony Overton Elementary school in Bronzeville for the Overton Day celebration event.

Neighbors, collage on found object, 5 x 14 inches, 2017

Brownstone, collage on found object, 14 x 7,25 inches, 2017

Skyscraper, collage on found object 49.5 x 16 inches, 2017

Bedroom, collage on found object, 7.5 x 26 inches, 2017

Other works:

Best Buy Clothing, digital collage, 2018

Ladipo, collage on paper, 10.5 x 7.5 inches, 2016

Temitope, collage and ankara fabric on canvas, 20 x 6 inches, 2016

Gifts, collage on found object, 23 x 8 inches, 2017

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